Section 1 Welcome Message
We began our Change-Making Journey…

We understand that despite the technological progress, increased material wealth and rapid economic growth experienced by Cambodia over the past decade, the traditional business as usual profit maximization model has reached critical limits locally, it has been the source of increasing inequalities, human rights injustices and environmental degradation.
To create a future that is secure, fair and free from poverty for All, we need to deploy concrete, actionable, and pragmatic solutions for rewiring the economy along sustainable lines.

We propose for being dynamic parts of this global movement for change, to pioneer, launch and develop the Country’s first  Venture Building Program (PrISME) empowering the new generations of Impact-Driven entrepreneurs operating with audacious paradigms to provide meaningful employment to marginalized groups, help deliver much needed products and services to vulnerable unserved communities and protect the natural capital in Cambodia.
Concretely, the PrISME will materialize through a 12-month Program providing tailored best-in class strategy planning assistance, networking solutions, business linkages, investment/finance access and leadership support to carefully vetted organizations seeking to establish, grow or advance Impact Enterprises genuinely contributing to the promotion of a more inclusive, fair and sustainable economy in Cambodia.

It seems you are in for an epic ride around with the PrISME! Buckle up and prepare for lift off. We are looking forward to your application! We have a few questions – obviously – and would like to better understand how we can add value to your venture. We tried to keep it short.

If you have any questions, please check our website. If that still doesn’t help, Hassan Hajam is available via email for your questions at <> or <>.

Please also check out our eligibility criteria to better understand what we are looking for.

Section 2 Basics & Logistics
Question Answer Type
Company Name: Yeaksa Investment Co.,Ltd.
Year of Establishment: 2017
Business/ Industry Sector: Manufacturer / Laundry Franchisor
Company URL:
Your Name: Hem Hema
Your Position at the Company: Founder
Your Phone Number: +85517816881
Your Email:
Please describe each founder’s previous experience. Doing Laundry for 16 years
Please provide links to each founder’s profile. Long Sychan ( My wife )
How long have you worked together as a team? 16 Years old
Who would be part of  Your Full-time Team committed to work with us during the Program? Hem Hema and Long Sychan
Are you able to physically attend all relevant Cohort-based Program meetings planned one week-end per month? Yes
Section 3 …more about your business strategy
Question Answer Type
Briefly describe your business: Laundry Franchise / Manufacturer / Importer
Links to Pitch Deck, Video or similar materials Not available
What are your key revenue streams? Laundry Products, Laundry Service, and Franchise
Who are your target customers? Women household members both in the cities and rural/provincial town
What problems are you solving for your customers? Quality laundry service and trustable service and products
Section 3 …more about your positive impact strategy (if applicable)
Question Answer Type
Which social or environmental problem(s) are you solving? We are trying our best to offer new jobs and opportunities to those women group especially those who are vulnerable including those who are not able to read and write. In addition, we offer lots of support in term of fair treat among employees especially for women. We want to improve and provide as much financial support and as many as possible to Cambodian women by providing them with jobs and franchise opportunities to do business with us.

We understand that our materials and checmical substance may produce harmful effect on the environment; however, we are working to minize the impact, e.g. by discouraging the use of plastic or by searching on new development of new environmentally bag for packaking or by using less nasty checmical substance. However, all of these needs long term committment and specialist support.

Who are the beneficiaries of the positive impacts generated by your company? Women group including the vulnerable group, their family members and franchisees across the country.
How are you measuring your social or environmental impacts? Numbers of household and franchisees.

The numbers of the end service consumers by each franchisees per month.

The production of innovative products (e.g. environmentally packaging bags)

Could you please describe and quantify the positive social or environmental impacts generated by your Company to date? We are doing now is to help the Vulnerable people to have a better living. If we assume that at least 3 workers will be employed by each franchisees, then with the total number of about 2000 franchees, it would make the toal employees of about 6,000 employees accross the country. I would assume this job are mainly target female which is about 80 per cent. On average per day, the qulaity services will be provided to about 30 clients. Therefore, our service woud reach 900 and 108,000 clients per month and year respectively and per franchisee only.
Section 4.a …Where do you stand Worldwide?  (if applicable)
Question Answer Type
Company Traction & Status Quo Worldwide We would assume that we are the largest laundry service across the country. We expect to bring our services and expertise to Thailand too. We also aim to bring our brand worldwide and keep our reputation for the upcoming decades.
Section 4.b …Where do you stand in Cambodia?
Company Traction & Status Quo in Cambodia We would assume that we are the largest laundry service across the country.
In Cambodia, which phase is your Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) currently in?
We growing but not structure well
What type of funding have you received so far?
USD 2,000,000
[Text, Amount]
[Text, Amount]
[Text, Amount]
[Text, Amount]
USD 1,000,000
[Text, Amount]
What total amount of funding have you received so far? 1,300,000 USD
What is your current shareholding structure? Sole
What key milestones have you achieved as a business? 2000 branches around Cambodia / 2 manufacturing places in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap
Your Company’s annual revenue in 2019: 1,200,000 USD
Your Company’s annual revenue in 2020: 1,000,000 USD
Your Company’s annual revenue in 2021: 960,000 USD
Your Company’s annual revenue in 2022: 900,000 USD
How many employees does your company have? 45 full time employees
Has your Business reached financial break even? Yes
What are your major achievements as a business? Women empowerment through income stabalization and job creation.
What are your biggest obstacles as a business? Transfer knowlede and build capacity for our colleagues who not be able to read and write.

Research and development for innovative products (e.g. benchmarking with neightboring laundry products Essence)

Building a full comprehensive business plan for long term investment and the up-scalling our business to a standard cooperate business.

Who is your competition? No
Section 5 …Where do you want to go in Cambodia? And How Can we Support you?
Question Answer Type
What are your objectives for the next 3 years? Launch new products or franchees that come up with a recognized standard

The development of digitable apps for managing our companies and franchees

Complete functioning structure of Yeaksa Laundry Company and Service.

Set up of new factory for bio-gradable pastic and packaging materials such as laundry containers.

Full business and investment plan for the potential granting, funding and investment opportunities.

What type of business  linkages (suppliers, distributors, customers, etc.) do you need in order to reach your goals for the next 3 years? Chemical specialist, business plan and investment readiness specialists, research and developmetn institutions in Cambodia and in the developed countries, technical training institutions.
What type of Partnerships  do you need in order to reach your goals for the next 3 years? I need a development partners who are willing to work with women and vulnerable group which could support them directly and their family indirectly.
Please list what kind of experts and mentors you need in the next year to help you solve strategic, operational or tactical issues. Please be as specific as possible! Organizational development specialist; business development plan mentor/specialists; chemical and production specialist/ companies; investment readiness specialists; mentors to support on organizational structure development.
Who would you like to talk to but have no means to ever contact or get in touch with? We call this the “moonshot contact. Technical experts in various fields
What estimated amount and type of funding do you need in order to reach your goals for the next 3 years? 4,000,000
What other resources could be helpful to you and your business to reach your goals for the next 3 years? Legal and Tax knowledge and coaching and mentoring,
What hands-on supports, services and assistance can PrISME provide to help you overcome concrete obstacles and grow your Impact-Driven SME in the next year?  Business Pan, Investment Plan.
Is there anything else important we have not covered that you would like to share with us to better understand your needs to develop your Impact-Driven SME? I want to export my products and service to the world and bring the brand name Yeaksa of Cambodia to the world too.
Section 6 …Why us?
Question Answer Type
What are your expectations from the Program? Knowledge and Capital and other business soft and hardskill for my business
What is your motivation to join? Knowledge
How did you find out about our Program? Giz
Section 7 Thanks You !